Bone Augmentation

Bone Augmentation

Healthy teeth that are seated correctly in a strong jaw provide the best possible environment to allow our teeth to work properly. This also gives our facial features strong support and helps to provide confidence in our appearance. The bones that support the lower portion of our face, including the mouth and chin, also provide support for our teeth. Bones that are missing or have collapsed inside the gums can show on the face as depressed areas, giving us a sunken or drawn-in appearance.

What is Bone Augmentation?

Bone augmentation is the procedure done to provide restoration to the damaged or frail bones that support your teeth. The procedure can be performed right in our office.

When dental implants are planned, bone augmentations may also be needed to help provide a solid foundation for the new implant. In cases of significant bone loss, bone augmentation will provide a replacement for the missing piece so that new implants can be fitted into the newly constructed bone.

Bone augmentation is a successful dental procedure because the tissues that our bones are made of have the ability to completely regrow and restore the bone to its original, natural state. Bone used for the procedure is taken from the patient or another source so that the patient’s bone accepts the new material while it is regenerating. As the patient’s bone regenerates, the grafting materials make way for the new piece.

When the bones that support our teeth are chipped, missing, or frail, our teeth are unable to function the way we need them to. Whether the damage is caused by tooth or gum disease, aging, after an injury or hit to the face, or due to other health issues, it is important to restore the bone so that it can function properly again.

Bone augmentation provides restoration enabling you to move on with a healthier and more confident lifestyle.

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