Treatment for Receding Gums in Savannah, GA

Treatment for Receding Gums in Savannah, GA

Many patients with receding gums in Savannah, GA come to Dr. Justin Bordlemay with questions and concerns about tooth sensitivity, changes in the way their smile looks, and other worrying symptoms. Often times, periodontal disease is to blame, a condition in which oral bacteria damages the bone and gum tissue and places teeth at risk.

Signs and Consequences of Gum Recession

• Loss of gum tissue along the gum line

• Tooth roots become exposed

• Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures

• Teeth and gums look different, less attractive

• Higher risk for developing cavities

• Higher risk for bone and tooth loss

Dr. Bordlemay treats patients with receding gums. If you have tooth sensitivity or other gum recession symptoms, let us treat these conditions before they become worse.

Gum Recession: Causes and Treatment

Receding gum tissue is a common problem with varying signs and symptoms. The most common indicator is a shrinking gum line along with other cosmetic concerns, such as uneven or misshaped teeth, blemishes, notches or dents on the teeth near the gums, and spaces between teeth. Tooth sensitivity is also very common once the tooth roots begin to lose their natural insulation.

While some people are genetically prone to thinner gum lines, periodontal disease is the culprit in many cases. Bacteria in the mouth can destroy the protective gum tissue, attacking the bone that supports the teeth and eventually causing exposure of the tooth roots. When bone deteriorates, teeth lose their natural support and are at risk of becoming lost.

Other causes: Pregnancy and the hormonal changes women experience can also increase the risk of periodontal disease, as do unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as tobacco use, poor diet, and oral piercings. Medications and certain health problems may also play a role in the development of gum recession and tooth sensitivity. Patients with misaligned teeth, an incorrect bite, and other dental problems may also be at risk for gum recession.

Steps to a healthier gum line

The most important thing that you can do to prevent periodontal disease is to take excellent care of your teeth and gums every day. Brushing properly, after meals or at least twice a day, and flossing daily will help control the bacteria in the mouth. Visiting Dr. Bordlemay for comprehensive cleanings and periodontal exams is an equally important step.

How we treat receding gums in Savannah, GA

• Reduce gum pocket depths and clear away bacteria, plaque, and tartar with a scaling and root planing procedure

• Laser gum surgery to destroy bacteria and reduce pocket depths

• Soft tissue grafts using donor tissue to create a longer, healthier gum line

• Tissue generating proteins to stimulate regrowth of gum tissue

If you notice changes in the way your teeth and gums look and feel in Savannah, GA, please give us a call and make an appointment. Dr. Bordlemay can determine if gum recession is the problem, why it is happening, and then discuss treatment.

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