Treating Inflamed Gums and Loose Teeth in Richmond Hill, GA

Treating Inflamed Gums and Loose Teeth in Richmond Hill, GA

We treat patients with loose teeth in the Richmond Hill, GA area on a routine basis. If you have loose teeth, inflamed gums, or other problems that concern you, Dr. Justin Bordlemay can help.

When it is Time to Seek Treatment:

• Chronic bad breath
• Inflamed gums that swell, hurt, or bleed easily
• Food particles getting stuck between teeth
• Loose or missing teeth
• Gum recession

In many cases, such symptoms are an indication of gum disease, which is a serious problem that Dr. Bordlemay can treat right away. Call us now!

Why Teeth Become Loose

Gum disease is often to blame when inflamed gums and loose teeth become a problem. Unless removed daily with proper brushing and flossing, the bacteria that lead to gum disease will start to attack and irritate healthy gum tissue. Without treatment, bleeding and inflamed gums can worsen. During the advanced stages of gum disease, the tissue and bone that support teeth deteriorate and the teeth may start to loosen and eventually need to be extracted. Bone loss in other areas will accelerate because when teeth are lost, the bone no longer receives the needed stimulation that the tooth roots used to provide.

Treating Tooth and Bone Loss

Tooth and bone loss can be addressed with a variety of treatments. Dental implants are a popular choice among patients with tooth loss because they mimic real tooth roots to keep existing jaw bone strong. Patients who already have extensive bone loss may need a bone graft first, a procedure that uses bone material from another source and places it in areas where the loss has occurred.

Modern dental appliances and other procedures, including laser therapy and antibiotic therapy to manage bacteria, are also available to stabilize loose teeth or replace those that have been lost.

Dr. Bordlemay treats patients with missing and loose teeth in the Richmond Hill, GA area. If you have inflamed gums or other symptoms, call us today so we can help.

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