Common Questions about Laser Gum Surgery in Savannah, GA

Common Questions about Laser Gum Surgery in Savannah, GA

The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) is a highly effective and modern alternative to traditional periodontal disease treatment. If you have moderate to severe periodontal disease, laser gum surgery in Savannah, GA with Dr. Justin Bordlemay may be the answer. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about LANAP®:

Q: Do periodontal disease and gum disease mean the same thing?
A: Gum disease is what happens when bacteria and plaque coat the teeth and start traveling beneath the gum line. Without treatment, the problem can worsen and lead to periodontal disease. This occurs when bacteria become even more aggressive, making their way deep beneath the gum line where they attack and destroy gum tissue and bone, placing you at a serious risk for tooth loss.

Q: Is laser treatment painful?
A: You might have heard that treating periodontal disease hurts, and traditional scalpel surgery is often uncomfortable. Laser is different. With LANAP®, we do not cut your gum tissue or use sutures. Laser gently targets the bacteria without harming healthy gum tissue, so there is less inflammation, little bleeding, and only minimal discomfort.

Q: Does laser treatment provide any additional benefits?
A: LANAP® has become a leading choice for treating moderate to severe periodontal disease because it prevents gum recession resulting from treatment and also has the remarkable ability to promote new bone growth around existing teeth, significantly reducing the risk of tooth loss.

Q: Is LANAP® safe?
A: We treat patients with LANAP® using the PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser. Both are FDA cleared and proven to be safe, gentle, and effective. Dr. Bordlemay is also professionally trained and fully accredited to perform the procedure.

Q. Is LANAP® the best treatment for my periodontal disease?
A: Most patients with moderate to severe cases are good candidates for laser therapy but only a personal consultation with Dr. Bordlemay will determine this for sure.

If you are thinking about laser gum surgery in Savannah, GA, congratulations! LANAP® with Dr. Bordlemay is the smart choice for moderate to severe periodontal disease. Call us today for your private consultation.

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