Laser Gum Surgery in Savannah, GA: How it works

Laser Gum Surgery in Savannah, GA: How it works


Treating gum disease with laser gum surgery in Savannah, GA with Dr. Justin Bordlemay is the preferred alternative to traditional periodontal surgery. The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) is a gentle and minimally painful method of removing bacterial infections that live beneath the gum line and invade the healthy tissues and bone that support and protect our teeth.

How LANAP® Works:


1.    Pocket depths: The bacteria that lead to gum disease cause connective tissue to move away from the teeth, bone to deteriorate, and periodontal pockets to form. The deeper the pocket, the more advanced the gum disease. Dr. Bordlemay uses a small ruler to determine how deep the bacteria have traveled.



2.    Targeting bacteria: To remove the bacteria under the gum line, Dr. Bordlemay uses a state of the art, FDA cleared laser called the PerioLase® MVP-7™. The laser beam he uses is specifically designed to identify bacteria and differentiate diseased tissue from healthy tissue for a comfortable treatment that causes less inflammation and bleeding than traditional treatment.


3.    Calculus elimination: To remove the accumulation of hardened calculus, or tartar, under the gums and on the surfaces of the tooth roots, ultrasonic scaling instruments are used along with the laser which can be useful in softening the debris before removal.


4.    Blood clotting: To prevent bacteria from getting in after the procedure, the laser is used to create a tight, natural seal around the teeth. Dr. Bordlemay uses it to stir small amounts of tissue and bone until little protective blood clots form. .


5.    Tissue compression: With LANAP®, there is no need to suture the gum line back together with stitches. Dr. Bordlemay compresses the tissue against the root surfaces and the reattachment takes place naturally.


6.    Bite adjustment: The final step in laser gum disease treatment is to check the bite and make any necessary adjustments. This is an important step for patients who show significant signs of bone loss.


Laser gum surgery in Savannah, GA with Dr. Bordlemay is safe, comfortable, and extremely effective for patients with moderate to severe periodontal disease. Call us today for your own private consultation.


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