State of the Art Digital Dentistry: iTero™ in Richmond Hill, GA

State of the Art Digital Dentistry: iTero™ in Richmond Hill, GA

If you plan to have BIOMET 3i™ dental implants or other periodontal treatment, you want it done right with a periodontist who is fully trained using the latest, most effective technology available. Dr. Justin Bordlemay uses a state of the art scanning technology known as iTero™ in Richmond Hill, GA to create “digital impressions” that give patients the beautiful, fully restored smiles they desire, minus the hassle, discomfort, and errors often associated with older impression methods.

Why iTero Technology?

·         Comfort – iTero™ digital scans are painless and stress free.

·         Convenience – Digital technology eliminates the need for messy putty, powders, and trays.

·         Accuracy – iTero™ provides a more accurate rendering of the mouth for more beautiful, impressive 3i™ dental implants.

·         Less time in the dental chair and fewer return office visits are required.

For faster, modern, more accurate treatment, including beautiful 3i™ dental implants, choose iTero in Richmond Hill, GA with Dr. Bordlemay. Call us today for a consultation.

3i™ Dental Implants and Digital Technology

Visiting your periodontist in the past for portions of your treatment, particularly impression appointments, was often time consuming. Capturing impressions of the mouth was a laborious and lengthy process, and the results were not always accurate. This is no longer the case. Dr. Bordlemay uses iTero™ digital scanning technology to capture impressions after your 3i™ dental implants are placed for a faster, more comfortable, and much more precise rendering. Our laboratory partners now have a truer rendering that they can use to create error free customized abutments designed specifically for you.

For accurate, beautiful, high quality 3i™ dental implants and other services in Richmond Hill, GA, visit Dr. Bordlemay. Call us today for your consultation.   

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