Immediate Implants with Immediate Temporary Crown

Immediate Implants with Immediate Temporary Crown

Immediate Implants with Immediate Temporary Crown

Beautiful Teeth with Dental Implants In One Day

Are you missing one or more teeth or have you lost confidence in your teeth due to cavities or periodontal disease? Developments in implant dentistry now make it possible to replace hopeless teeth with dental implant supported teeth in one day. While this technology may seem relatively new, dental research has shown for over a decade that immediately loaded implants are as successful as traditional dental implants.

How We Do It

Coastal Empire Periodontics works as a team with your restorative dentist and selected dental labs to provide you with new fixed teeth in one day. Prior to treatment, a dental scan will be completed. This allows Dr. Bordlemay to evaluate your case in three dimensions, which improves safety and treatment outcomes.

Next, our doctor will consult with your restorative dentist and dental lab to plan your case. The day of treatment, hopeless teeth are removed and dental implants are installed. The same day, new teeth are installed on your implants. For your comfort, procedures are completed with local anesthesia and oral sedation or if desired, IV sedation.

Benefits of Treatment:

  • Patients are never without teeth – teeth are installed the same day as extractions.
  • Treatment times are accelerated when compared to traditional implant treatment.
  • Eliminates the need to wear temporary restorations, flippers or dentures.
  • Patients report easier healing, as teeth are implant supported and not resting on the gums.
  • Initial treatment is performed at one office.
  • The treatment can be completed on a single tooth or multiple teeth.
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