Implant Supported Dentures in the Richmond Hill, GA Region

Implant Supported Dentures in the Richmond Hill, GA Region

Implant supported dentures in Richmond Hill, GA with Dr. Justin Bordlemay are a modern, affordable way to enjoy the many benefits of dental implants without the usual stress and complications associated with wearing conventional dentures.

Dentures in Savannah, GA supported by Implants Make Sense

Affordable: Dentures supported by implants require fewer implants and less time than standard implant surgery, and this means less money out of your pocket.
Fast solution: Dentures supported by implants will provide a strong, functional smile faster than standard dental implants will, which require more time and office visits.
Stop bone loss: Dental implants are good for your jaw bone because they work the same way that real tooth roots do, engaging the bone to keep it vital. Even patients who already show signs of bone loss can often receive implant supported dentures because the technique is designed to work in places where sufficient bone density still exists.

Do not settle for ordinary dentures to replace your missing teeth. Stabilize them with implant supported dentures in Richmond Hill, GA with Dr. Bordlemay! Call us today for a consultation.

Implant Supported Dentures in the Savannah, GA Region

Bar retained: A few implants are placed in areas where you have sufficient bone density. A thin, discreet wire is then attached to the implants and runs along the gum line to connect them. The denture is placed atop of the wire, snapped into place, and held down securely with small dental clips.

Ball retained (stud attached): These implants contain small studs on the tips that are designed to accommodate a customized denture that you can line up and snap into place for a tight, fixed fit. This denture can also be made palate free so patients can fully enjoy the taste and texture of food and drink.

You do not have to settle for conventional dentures anymore. Implant supported dentures are an affordable, healthier, and more enjoyable alternative. If you have missing teeth, then call us in Richmond Hill, GA today for your consultation with Dr. Bordlemay!

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