Dental Implants Cost in Savannah, GA

Dental Implants Cost in Savannah, GA

Dental implants cost in the Savannah, GA region varies from patient to patient. Many different factors are involved when determining your total treatment plan. Having a consultation with implant specialist Dr. Justin Bordlemay will give us the opportunity to discuss your options and render your specific treatment cost. Here are some of the questions we will want to ask you when you visit with us to discuss your tooth replacement options.

How Many Teeth Are You Replacing?

Dental implants are today’s leading tooth replacement option and are priced individually. Patients with one or two missing teeth will typically have a lower cost than patients who need to replace multiple missing teeth. More missing teeth require additional materials as well as time to examine the gums and jaw bone in order to assess bone density and volume.

Do You Have Sufficient Bone Density to Support Dental Implants?

Dental implants are tooth replacement treatments that only work in areas where there is enough bone density to support them. Patients who are missing bone may still receive implants but may need a bone graft first, which is a separate procedure with an associated fee.

What Type of Procedure?

There are different tooth replacement options available using dental implants, including implant supported dentures and standard implants. Both are priced differently.

Do You Require a Sinus Lift?

Patients who need to replace teeth in the upper premolar or molar regions of the mouth sometimes need a sinus lift before dental implants. This is separate and would affect your total treatment cost.

Do You Need Periodontal Disease Treatment?

Missing teeth are often the result of periodontal disease. If you have periodontal disease, we will need to treat it first, which is a separate procedure. Dental implants have a much better success rate if the gums are healthy.

Do You Need to Have Teeth Extracted?

In some cases, teeth cannot be saved and we will need to extract them before we place your dental implants. This procedure is usually in addition to your implant surgery.

Dental implants are the most stable, natural looking tooth replacement treatments available today. Call Dr. Bordlemay to learn more about the many tooth replacement options involving implants that we offer and about dental implants cost in Savannah, GA.

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