3i™ Dental Implants in Savannah, GA

3i™ Dental Implants in Savannah, GA

If you are missing one or more teeth due to periodontal disease, injury, or other health problems, BIOMET 3i™ dental implants in the Savannah, GA area with Dr. Justin Bordlemay are a modern, natural looking alternative to dentures or bridges that will have you smiling with confidence again.

Dental Implant ABCs

A dental implant has three fundamental parts which work together to replace a missing tooth.

• The first unit is surgically placed in the jaw bone and looks similar to a screw. Made of decay resistant titanium and easily assimilated by the body, this piece functions very much like a real tooth root. Once Dr. Bordlemay places this portion, the metal will begin to fuse very tightly to the bone, which is a process called osseointegration.

• The second unit is called the abutment and is the middle connecting piece that provides a place for the crown to sit.

• The third unit, the crown, is attached to the abutment to look and function just like a natural tooth.

3i™ Dental Implants are the Preferred Choice over Dentures or Bridges

Patients who have lost teeth from periodontal disease or other dental problems report great satisfaction and an improved quality of life with dental implants compared to patients who wear dentures.

Conventional dentures and bridges are still a viable way to replace missing teeth but they do not function as well or look as beautiful as dental implants do. Dentures can even cause problems over time, particularly bone loss, because they work from the gum line and are unable to stimulate the jaw bone the way implants do. Bridges can be very wearing on existing teeth.

The 3i™ dental implants that Dr. Bordlemay uses are backed by scientific research to engage and maintain bone health. Implants also provide a more comfortable and dependable smile because they really do work in the same way as natural teeth. Unlike dentures, which have a 30 percent failure rate and tend to slide, click, and make noise, dental implants stay put all day, every day. Even patients who have lost bone to periodontal disease can be candidates for a dental implant procedure after bone grafting or augmentation.

If you have lost teeth to periodontal disease or other oral issues, you can now replace them with beautiful 3i™ dental implants in the Savannah, GA area with Dr. Bordlemay! Call us today for your personal consultation.

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